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Spiritual Traction

October 24, 2011

“We are here to make spiritual traction. Not to be slipping and sliding, shucking and jiving”

– Carlos Santana, in an address to Mission High School, San Francisco, CA 10/24/2011

I promised my wife that I would get to bed earlier tonight, but on the way home from basketball, all of twenty minutes ago, I heard this sound byte over the radio, and it was one of those sound bytes that I think should be pasted all over the internet. So far, I haven’t been able to find it, as Doug Sovern’s byte on the KCBS website is not the same as the one they just broadcast on the air. Unfortunately, the real meaning is at the end, and it is slightly different than what Santana posted on his Facebook earlier this year.

I’ve done a lot of planning for NaNoWriMo, and have been thinking about plans for both writing and for life. A lot has changed since the last time I stepped into a classroom, but when I was teaching, it took every waking moment just to accomplish that task–and it became just that, a task. My apologies to my former students that read this and think whatever they may think. I appreciated you, but I didn’t have the rest or energy to fully appreciate you, and I didn’t have the atmosphere to let the real stars shine. My Fakin’ Bacon students (especially, but not exclusively) will someday shine because of their hard work, intelligence, and intellectual curiosity. They were all my favorites, and I am glad to be able to check in with them every now again via Facebook. I can’t wait to someday see their names behind the honorifics of “senator,” “Pulitzer Prize winner,” “Nobel Prize Winner,” or “Professor,” because I know that they have it in them.

I have always wanted to write, to spin stories, to share tales, and to entertain through words. I have gained my “spiritual traction” (if one can call it that) through a series of hesitant first steps. I hope that someday I can have the authority to share something as profound as what Santana shared with the Mission High student body. In the meantime, may I merely suggest that you all follow your passions, gain that spiritual traction, and strive for your goals.

In 7 days (and something like twelve or eighteen hours), I will embark on my second NaNoWriMo with the intent of winning the challenge again. To all of you out there that are doing the same, best of luck. We share a common passion.

Honey, I’m coming to bed soon. I promise.

–Jim Owen, Author

Edit: And, to throw a wrench in the works, I may need to remind a few of you of the almost non sequitur that Carlos Santana gave during a broadcast of a Giants baseball game a couple of years ago. His comment, “hate and fear are so costly; love is for free,” was ridiculed on the air by several different stations. ┬áIt was part of a greater monologue that involved discussing Santana’s charity interests, but it was fairly clear that the monologue itself was not quite what Miller and Fleming expected.