But Wait… I Need to Market it, too?

On Tuesday, I spoke with my friend, a published indie author named Janice Mock.  Janice’s first book, Not All Bad Comes to Harm You:  Observations of a Cancer Survivor is a bit what it says on the tin.  Janice is a cancer survivor, and has been dealing with the fallout from that ever since.  I’ve known Janice for a few years now, and the one thing I can say about Janice is that she is strong, both physically and in spirit.  I am sure that I have not seen Janice in her weaker days, but I have seen her climb 3,800ft. in 35mi. on her road bike — post-treatment — so I know that the power and determination that she brings to everything in her life.

Janice has taken a slightly different route than I have in her publishing quest.  Janice has absorbed the costs upfront and has self-published.  She used the iUniverse service out of Random House to prep her book for sale, taking advantage of their professional editing and cover design facilities in the process.  Since then, she has been responsible for promoting all of her content through her website, social media channels, and by interacting with individual booksellers.  In December of 2015, she spoke at Book Passage, a small, but mighty trio of Bay Area bookstores in San Francisco, Sausalito, and Corte Madera. Through her experience as a writer, she has come to realize that the marketing and selling of her book has become just as much work — if not more — than the writing process. It’s still a long road from a complete draft to getting your books on the shelves!

Janice is currently writing her second book.  I didn’t get much of a chance to inquire about its contents, but you can check out her writing for yourself!

Janice’s website: https://www.janicemock.com

Book Passage’s Website: http://www.bookpassage.com

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