Re-entering the Stream

Dear Friends and Fans,

After a long hiatus from creative endeavors, I’m back at it.  There’s nothing much to report right now, as I’m rereading old work in the hope that I can resuscitate it.  I still need some work on my outline, and then regain the momentum that I had in November for NaNoWriMo.

I’ve recently been buckling down on finding an agent, and hope to provide some insight into my journey as I hope to finally get the pearl of my manuscripts published.  Up until the past five months, it had been a long time — perhaps four years — since I’d made any serious efforts toward getting published.  Five months ago, I contacted a publisher.

Speaking of that publisher, I met with one of the partners today.  She’s a friend of a friend, so it’s nothing so formal, and I hoped to keep this meeting as “meeting a new friend.” I hope to count her as an ally for a long time, and hope that her label will have a lot of success for years to come.  As for publishing through her imprint, it’s too early in my journey for me to tell.  If I do not go with her imprint for this novel, that doesn’t mean that I won’t look for them in the future.Through meeting her today, my wife and I were introduced to Five Guys burgers, which  has a great burger. This publishing partner joked that she was happy to help us along our Five Guys journey, which reminded me of some of the conversations that we would have in Norrie Palmer’s Buddhism class — particularly about entering the stream.

I’m entering the stream with getting published — or thinking about it — but I’m also hoping to re-enter the stream of writing creatively and consistently.  Writing consistently is the only way that most writers get published, and the only way that a writer improves or performs at their best.  One of the many gems that I heard from my new friend today is that many people don’t understand the hard work that goes into writing, and the hard work that continues to go into getting published.  They expect that they’ll be discovered, but only the few very lucky ones get ‘discovered’ with any sort of rapidity in their ascent.  For the rest of us, it’s 5, 10, 20, countless rejection notices and time spent going back to the drawing board, again and again.

If you’re a writer, thanks for sticking with it; we need more writers in the world.  If you’re a reader, ditto, and thanks for sticking with me.  I look forward to making it worth your wait.

‘Til then,


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