Warriors and Armor: No, this isn’t a fantasy novel

New impressions from this current game, in which the Warriors defeated the Springfield Armor, 113-to-101:

– There were more bad flops than you would expect on the soccer pitch.
– A few “soccer injuries” as well.
– Chris Johnson had 15 points after one, 15 points after two, and twenty-four to end the game. When you score like that in the first quarter, you deserve more touches over the rest of the game!
– The Armor had quite a few shots where the shooter was wide open, but they failed to capitalize on them.
– Jeremy Tyler, on assignment from the big club, had a T and a foul where he shoved someone in pretty close succession. On the other hand, he also showed why he belongs in Oakland. He had a few good moves.
– Gladness and C. Johnson are both extremely agile for bigs, and have hops that remind me of Stromile Swift. Johnson had another spectacular move underneath the basket tonight.
– Travis Leslie was consistently a threat in the first half, but he faded in the second. Meanwhile, Kent Bazemore picked up the slack in the second half, electrifying the crowd with a balanced attack of jumpers and drives.


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