Rounding second, on my way to third…

Last night was productive. Sure, the night ended sometime after 2 a.m., but by the end of it, I realized that I was closing in on 30,000 words for the month and had already surpassed 3,000 words for the night/morning.

Last night, I achieved a goal when I finished the suite of chapters that I had been working on, but I was wired. I could’ve written 3,000 more words without tiring. While satisfying, I will probably be unable to finish all of the suites of chapters at this rate. 29,4xx words to complete two suites that were supposed to be 7,500 each. I have 19 days if I want to wrap everything up by the end of November. Whoa. This may hurt a little!

There was a lot that came out of my characters last night, particularly an old man (perhaps the wise old man trope comes into play here) and the thorn in my main character’s side.

Today and tomorrow will likely be the first days in which I haven’t written (aside from this blog.) I wonder if I’ll feel antsy by the end of them, or if I’ll feel wholly recharged.


In the meantime, I’m hoping for a miracle when it comes to my other obsession.  Take the poll.


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