Belated Week One Update

Last night I completed what is effectively Day 8 of NaNoWriMo, making it over a quarter of the way through the chronological challenge. With 23 more days left until the challenge ends, I am in pretty good shape, chalking over 40% of the minimum word count in that time. As far as the outlining that I’ve done, my actual first draft is by far outpacing what I expected. An outline that should’ve taken me an estimated 7,500 words instead brought me all of the way up to 19,000. The next suite of chapters is going faster than that, but I haven’t yet reached some of the meatier sections. Though I was hoping that this month would lead to me finishing Novel #2, I’m reading these numbers as an ultimatum: “either increase the story’s pace or increase the word count pace.” That’s the problem.

Though I I’ve seen mention of others who are writing at faster rates, some of which I view with a degree of incredulity, I am quite pleased (surprised, actually) that I’ve been able to keep ahead of the NaNoWriMo prescribed curve. I’ve spent anywhere from two to four hours per night trying to get through the first two suites. With seven total suites of 7,500 words (or that’s what they should’ve been), I should be starting Suite #3 today. No such luck. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to start Suite #3 this weekend, but I’m having too much fun elevating one of my secondary characters.

At any rate, sorry for the numbers session. At least I haven’t noticed if some guy from the Indian subcontinent is again at half a million words after a week.


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