Pitch for Novel #2

Hello everyone. Thank you for checking in from time to time. I’m going against the advice of the great Stephen King and opening the door just a smidgeon. For the uninitiated, the following is called a pitch. It’s essentially what’s on a book jacket, and it is meant to entice the reader to open to page one and see if the book is worthwhile. Please let me know what you think about the pitch. This is a very rough cut; as such, I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

There are roughly three seven-footers for every million people. What happens when one goes missing?

In 1988, the Slamming Serb turned California high school basketball upside down, taking a high school of under 100 students all the way to the state tournament. In 1989, he disappeared. Twenty-three years later, Tad, a history teacher and basketball fanatic, moves to the small fog-drenched California coastal town with the hopes of finding their legendary lost giant. The town hasn’t forgotten their big man, but nobody’s willing to talk.

If he is going to get anywhere, Tad must enlist in the help of a priest who delivers masses from an ice cream shop, a reclusive millionaire with an eye for antiquities, and the local pariah to help him put together the pieces. In the mean time, Tad must protect his students from a series of strange happenings as old rivalries are made new again. Tad must resolve his own family issues and uncover the truth before the entire town becomes buried by its own pride.

In addition, I’m looking for a working title. Vote for what sounds best, or tell me a better one in the comments.


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