70k Milestone Passed

Last night, I passed 70,000 words on my current project.  That leaves my project at somewhere between 140 and 230 pages, depending on pitch and typeface.  I told myself that I would budget my words carefully, though this book is growing like a wave that has not yet reached its crest.  Every time I try to place the story in a moment of rising action, climax, or falling action, I carve out another little niche, and must check to see if it jives with my overall outline.  Who knows what happened with my original outline, but my current outline is a lot more dynamic than I thought it would be at this point in time.

All told, I have passed 250,000 words of fiction since returning to novel writing.  For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, that was sometime after parting ways with my friends at Pioneer.  However, 250,000 words is still short of the estimate for Stephen King’s The Stand, and he has written several books of comparable length to that!  The irony of passing this little milestone is that I have no idea when it happened.  Given my most recent little break from writing, it could have happened a month ago and I wouldn’t have known any different.  I better get back to that old word count.  Then again, I should also reacquaint myself with my pillow.

Has anybody else ventured into fiction writing recently?  How far have you gone?


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