Pitchapalooza: My Turn

I pitched to “the Book Doctors” today. Arielle Eckstut, one of the co-authors, was very friendly and very accommodating considering I had written down the wrong date for our original consultation. She liked what she heard, but also expanded greatly upon some of the formulaic responses that she had suggested in a live session with some 200 other people.

The live session was called “Pitchapalooza” and it was certainly well attended. It was a great way to gather information and to see what else is out there on the horizon. It was no surprise that everyone was looking to get their book sold, but it was a huge surprise (to me) so few of them were writing fiction.

I know that the realization that people are more interested in writing about themselves than in some fantasy world shouldn’t have come as any surprise, but it still shocked me. There were some good pitches for memoirs–don’t get me wrong–, but the novel pitches really stood out–perhaps for no other reason than the fact that they were so rare. I remember a few of the memoir pitches, but I probably remember damn near all of the fiction pitches. I know what I like; give me a story that is too fantastic to be true, and I’m with you. Give me a story about a boy and his dog, and my patience wears thin. How about you? What do you prefer?


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