Is Time away from Writing a Good Thing?

I’ve been very busy at work over the past several days; there are a lot of individual projects that arrived “due yesterday” and it will continue to be that way through next week. However, I had a few fleeting moments at work where I had the chance to reflect. At this time last year, I was writing close to 2,000 words a day. Last week, I tallied less than that for the entire week. The job has done a lot of it, but I also hit a bit of a wall last week and things weren’t flowing, so I set the project down this weekend and told myself that I’d come back to it with fresh eyes. On Wednesday, when I had nothing better to do at work, I jotted down over thirty plot points in ten minutes. At this rate, that block or wall will come tumbling down soon! What do you think? Has time away from a project helped you?


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One Response to “Is Time away from Writing a Good Thing?”

  1. Bennennennenn Says:

    I find moments where I’m not thinking about an, “issue,” often lead to the solution for that issue. It’s hard to determine those moments I should spend away though: I would just recommend balance.

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